Sunday, August 1, 2010


So.. Cj forced me to go to his office with him so he could finished his homework, me having nothing to do decided i could fill you all in on our new dog Scout! He is seriously the cutest dog in the world. And i usually HATE dogs. Like once i hit one on the freeway and just kept driving. ( but really what could i have done, i was going 70 mph and i couldn't just slam on my breaks!) I used to despise these animals, but ever since Cj made me come with him to look at the puppies i fell in love! Cj thinks he's a cowboy so he wanted an australian cattle dog or blue heeler, and since we knew exactly where to get them CHEAP he couldn't stop talking about them, and looking up facts about dogs until he got one. I am so happy about it! The first night we got him he was seriously depressed. Like i felt so bad taking him from his home and his parents and all his brothers and sisters, but he's ok now. We brought him home and all he likes to do is eat and sleep and bite my red toes! He is so playful and LOVEES to bite hair and rings. So anyway, i thought i would post a picture of me feeling like a mother, with the new dog! We seriously take him to our parents house if we are going to be gone at work or anything. RIDICULOUS.

Seriously all he does is SLEEP. He must take after me :)

Dont mind the purple carpet, remember we're at cj's office!


  1. WOW!!! I NEVER thought I'd see the day that you get a dog! Isn't it the best to have a little buddy??? SO cute!!!

  2. I am so mad right now. SAVANNA gets a dog before I do. So ticked.

  3. Hahaha glad you like your new baby! :) He is sooo cute Savanna!!!