Monday, July 26, 2010

TwENty TwO

My Family likes to tell me that i am a little dramatic about my birthday.. The day after Christmas I am looking forward to my birthday, and vice versa. So you KNOW i am reminding everyone that "my birthday is this month, hope you have a good present." Until the hallowed day gets closer and closer and my reminders are given more and more frequently. Its great, you really get more gifts. Try it. My Dad thinks I am so annoying, but only because i get this ANNOYING habit from HIM. Anyways i turned 22 on the 23rd of July. I feel so old. And i have realized that birthdays are depressing. Its like your opportunity to be depressed because you are getting old. (or so i think). And its even more depressing because i WORKED on my birthday for the first time. Yes, i am ridiculous, but this was a big deal for me. Cj told me it was good for me haha! I contemplated calling in sick. But i went. And i didnt mind it. This birthday actually turned out the BEST ever. I didnt have time to even think about never being 21 again (again, probably because i was at work). I get up at 5:50 for work, and the night before I told my Dad that I get up at 5:00 just so i could try and beat him with the "who gets up earlier game" He always wins. Well Cj hearing me say that sets his alarm for 5:00.. It starts going off. I am getting really annoyed thinking "WHY IS YOUR ALARM GOING OFF?!" then it gets the best of me and i have to yell "WHY IS YOUR ALARM GOING OFF?!" And he sweetly says, because i want to wake up with you on your birthday! I then had to tell him i dont wake up for another hour basically. Yes, he is that sweet. And i am that rude. So my husband disappears, which is probably a good thing because my morning is timed to the point that if one thing goes wrong, i WILL be late for work. I am willing to take the risk though, and get those extra minutes of sleep. Cj comes back with Krispy Kreme Donuts.. my favorite. Saying the "breakfast hub brought the birthday girls donuts." i was ecstatic. I love krispy kreme!! I then worked for the first time on my birthday. Gag. I did manage to get myself off early though haha. Cj and I then went to Sweet Cake which is to die for.. opened some gifts at my parents house (i wont tell you about the fit i threw) and his mom's house (loved it!).. and then we went to dinner at La Grande Orange (THANK you Kensley and Jim for showing us that place!) Its the BEST chicken wings and pizza ever. the best. Cj then offered to do whatever i wanted, but i love to sleep and relax so i just wanted to get some dessert and go hommme! It was the best birthday EVERRR! Probably because it was the first one where cj and i were actually married. had plenty of birthdays with him before then, but being married is even better!! Sure love him!