Monday, November 15, 2010

Yellow Submarine!

Well, I feel like we've established that i am a weird dog lover. We were over at Jamie and David's house this last friday and i said i had to go home because my dog was lonely (it was LATE people!) and Jamie told me to Shut Up because i was ridiculous about my dog. She's right. Whatever. This is my dog:

He's a YELLOW SUBMARINE haha! Yep. We dressed him up for Halloween.

Ok, In our defense, Kensley and Jim came over and surprised us with costumes for our dogs!! I was SO excited! I had asked Cj if we could buy Scout a costume and he said "NO!!!" but luckily enough, Kensley knew we needed costumes for our dogs. I couldn't get any pictures of them not attacking each other.

We've got Chief the bumble bee and Scout the submarine!

It was so funny because once we got the costumes on, Chief was going CRAZY. He was trying to kill scout. Like literally. He must have thought Scout was really a submarine or SOMETHING, because he would put his mouth around Scouts throat and try and shake him.. the moment we took the costumes off they were best friends again! Best night ever!! So that brings me to this last Sunday.. Cj's Moms friend Cherrie is getting rid of their family dog.. WELL this dog Rex, is the dog Cj and i fell in love with in July and we WANTED him. He's so so cute!! Cj said we should wait to get a dog because "Sullivans ALWAYS get rid of their dogs!!" well we didnt wait, and now they want us to take him!! I dont think i want another dog, (secretly its because im afraid i am going to favor Scout over Rex.) What if i give Scout more food than Rex because I raised Scout?! Or what if i only want to play with Scout because he's MY dog?! These questions are literally going through my head. And then the worst thought of all. What if this is how it is with my KIDS?! What if i I have favorite kids!! I feed a child more because i like them better?! Ugh. Luckily we're not having kids for a long time. And Im staying strong this round, we're not getting another dog. Somebody better tell Cj.