Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The month of November sure has been a busy one for us! We've been busy with school, work and family! On occasion, when i am on my best behavior, or CJ is in the dog house, my husband likes to take me to lunch.. because i tell him all the time i live to eat so he knows I will be in a good mood for at LEAST an hour afterwards. On this particular lunch outing we decided to go to Red Robin. I have loved that place since one of my best friends showed me the "Bottomless" fries in the 8th grade. Anyways we live out by San Tan mall and there is a Red Robin right there. So we ate and of course loved it, and as a side note we had the BEST waitress in the world.. non-stop fries, drinks, anything! We pulled our money together and gave her the best tip our poor newlywed lives could afford. So after lunch we are walking to the car and CJ opens the door for me and I get in, as CJ is walking around the car something starts hissing at him.. Well lo and behold an OWL was perched on the tree right in front of our car! It was crazy.. It would hiss every time we got close to it! I think its his house, because like i said i love food so we are out there a lot and every time we have been back the Owl has been there too! Crazy huh??

On a day that CJ and I both didnt have school the next day we decided we were going to go on a Jeep ride. CJ has been BEGGING me to go out in my Dad's jeep. Let me tell you that i HATE the thing. About a year ago CJ and I went on a jeep ride in Bull Dog Canyon with some of his friends and i truthfully didn't think we were going to make it out alive. It was so rocky and i just knew we were going to flip over!! I will reiterate to you that i am fun. I'm usually down for stuff like this, i love the outdoors and driving around with the windows down just chillin. Well after watching one of his friends truck almost flip over, teetering on TWO wheels and knowing that we had to pass over that SAME spot i no longer have a love for that stupid jeep anymore. I want to get rid of it. On this day in november, ike i said, CJ had been begging me to go on a ride, and he promised me that it wouldnt be bumpy, and it would only be a couple hours. He wanted to go around Four Peaks so we jump in the jeep and off we went. It wasn't too bad, although he did get some dirty looks from me when i bounced up and down a couple times. Well two hours passed, then three, then four, we made it to the top of Four Peaks and it was GORGEOUS. I couldnt get enough of it!! So forgetting that we had been driving FOREVER i started to love it, probably because we were out of the jeep at this point and i forgot we would have to get back in it and drive the same amount of time to get OUT of the mountains. Well after taking pictures, my fun ended and back to that wretched jeep we went. THIS time he wanted to go down the backside by Roosevelt Lake. We. Ended. Up. In. GLOBE. It was the longest night of my life! Haha i know i sound ticked, but it really was such a long bumpy drive.. Although i would do it again anytime. It was totally worth it to spend some time with my husband and just enjoy each others company.

The Hubo and myself! He's too cute!

Thanksgiving was also such a fun day! We started out at my parents house with my family, ate and ate and ate, went over to CJ's grandmas house to spend time with his Dad and then made our way to his mom's house and had dinner! It was so good to just hang out and spend time with family! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family and husband! Thanksgiving was quite the hit with Hailee down from school.. I forget how weird we are together!