Monday, February 1, 2010

Monster Jam

So CJ and I went with our good friends Kyle&Brook, and Brodie&Lindsay to Monster Jam this last Saturday night. I know you're all thinking WHAT?! Because thats what I was thinking when CJ told me he bought tickets. In my mind I was thinking "only WIERDO people go there!" But actually it was soo much fun, and you know we will be back next year! Its actually a funny story. Brook bought Kyle tickets for Christmas, so Kyle asked CJ and Brodie if we would want to come, thinking it would be so funny. Well CJ and I were totally down, but Brodie goes "Dude we're already going!" haha i guess they have gone every year? So now its going to be tradition! It was way cool to watch these huge trucks race, and then do "freestyle" and run cars over and do jumps! Cant wait for next year!!
Freakin Monster Jaaaaam!
My cutest husband! Please notice our EAR PLUGS! It was so loud! Like unbelievably loud!!
a couple of the trucks.. The last one being named "Donkey Kong" REALLY?!
This is the cutest little boy I have ever seen! Look at his tire ear muffs! I kept trying to get a better picture of him, but i think his Dad was getting weirded out.. The little boy would watch CJ and I and when we would clap he was start clapping and stomping his feet. I wanted to take him home with me!!!
Just doin a jump!