Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Late Halloween Everyone!! So this last weekend Husband and I had so much fun!! I think growing up Halloween was always my favorite holiday.. all i had to do was knock on my neighbors front door and they would give me treats! And being the candy lover I am, nothing could beat this holiday! Well.. Since my Dad wouldnt let me trick or treat after eighth grade because i am "freakishly tall" as my family likes to call it, I've had to find other means to entertain myself over this fun holiday.. I think FRONT ROW SUNS TICKETS does the trick! Did you get that? FRONT ROW?!! Ok.. So it wasn't exactly on Halloween night, but this last Friday night we went to the Suns game with our good friends Ryan and Dallyn Willis. Dallyns family gets seasons tickets to these AMAZING seats, and let me just tell you, Corwin and I couldnt get over it! The game was SO much fun.. We got free food and were able to go to this "club" sort of thing where only certain seats were able to go and got drinks and popcorn and cookies and just everything.. FOR FREE!! And the best part about it, as we were waiting in line for the employees to check our tickets to make sure we were allowed into the club, i recognized the checker of tickets as my Nursing Teacher for block one! haha it was great.. I was all "Remember ME?!" like i was super important or something.. SO that was our amazing Friday night..

This is Me SO excited for the Suns game.. and trying to show the ticket even though i cut it off!

The Hub and Myself..

Ryan, Dallyn, Me, and CJ

Saturday with the help of my mother because as of right now our oven doesnt work, i decided i would whip up a little treat for CJ since we cant trick or treat.. Please note the little spiders crawling up the sides of the wrapping.. too cute huh?? Halloween night We carved pumpkins with Ryan and Dallyn.. and let me tell you a story.. I have learned a lot about my husband since getting married. Anyways, we buy our pumpkins and take them home and i walk into our room to set my purse down, and i walk out and i see Ryan and Dallyn washing their pumpkin in our sink. RIGHT away i knew CJ had washed our pumpkin first, while i was in the other room and that Ryan and Dallyn felt stupid NOT washing their pumpkin so being obligated to follow suit, they scrubbed their pumpkin! I was dying!! So i asked them if they had ever scrubbed their pumpkins before, and of course they say NO.. WHO scrubs their pumpkins after they buy it, before they are going to CARVE it anyways? Only my Husband. Sure love him though! After that we went to my parents house to see Karson and Jaden go trick or treating, secretly wishing I could join them.. Jaden was miss america and Karson was a pirate! They both looked darling.. Karson had a friend going trick or treating with them, i call him Colt dawg.. anyways, the Hidden Groves put on a little BBQ before everyone went off trick or treating and you could win Soda Pop. So im walking back to our house, with Colton, because my little brother took off with out him, only worried about getting as much candy as he can (sounds familiar) and Colton is having the hardest time keeping all his liters of pop in his hands, while holding his mask, his candy bag and a chair. So i go "Colt Dawg, do you want me to help you carry your pop?" He goes "NO. I got it.." So we keep walking and he's basically dropping his pop on the street. SO again i ask him, "Colt Dawg, Do you want me to help you carry your pop? I promise i wont take it, and ill give it right back to you once we get to our house.. and he goes "YES! As long as you'll give it back to me!" haha he thought i was going to steal his pop that he won!! i got a kick out of it! So anyways.. That was our weekend! It was way fun, even though we were lame and didnt dress up!

Ryan, Dallyn, and Corwin

My attempt at a cute treat haha.. LOOK at the spiders!!