Monday, September 20, 2010

We ARe THosE PeOPle

About a month ago we were going to go camping with a couple of our married friends, but I decided to do my research and found out it was going to be raining up in Payson hardcore. I opted not to go. Cj wouldn't stop talking about camping though, so a couple of weeks ago we went camping with our good friends Jim and Kensley. It was so much fun! We decided to take our puppies and they seriously entertained the entire time. We got to Payson and had to stop at Wal Mart so the boys went inside and we went and took the dogs to this little grassy hill.. Well as we were playing with the dogs i had a flash back that THIS was NOT my life. I hate dogs. I've always hated dogs. Probably because growing up we had the WORST dogs!! Now i find myself frolicking in the fields WITH my dog? Weird. Anyways as Kensley and I were talking the grossest shaggin waggin rolled by and these freaks just stared at us. So Kensley yells " YES! We are those weird dog people! But YOU'RE weirder!!" It was by far the funniest thing i've ever heard. Anyways we get to our camp spot (Cj makes sure we wont see a single soul the entire time) and we wind up in a herd of cows.. The entire time Scout and Chief wouldnt stop eating the cow patties. It was gross. Scout wanted to keep chasing them, since i guess thats what he was supposed to be? A herding dog.. but we wouldnt let him. He's scared of his own shadow. It was seriously so fun to go up there and spend time with friends! The next morning we woke up super early and I was ready to go home because i had so much laundry to do and i wanted to take a nap in my BED.. Wellll Cj wanted to take a nap up there and i was not having it. So i told him I would let the air out of the air mattress. He told me he would punch me if i touched it. I let the air out and now i have three perfect knuckle mark bruises on my arm. He's so sweet. So scout and I decided to take a hike and we saw a HUGE herd of Elk like 30 feet in front of us.. it was crazy. I just stood there because believe me, I've seen episodes of deadly encounters and seen bull elk ram people. It was still cool to see!! We had so much fun up there and it was so great to get away from this HEAT and spend time with friends!!

Scout and Chief eating cow poop! Ew.
Our Cute friends Jim and Kensley
My Babe!

Is he not the cutest?! Usually he doesnt cuddle! I think he got all his bites out on chief!

.. So this is the best story ever. Saturday morning Cj wakes up and we're sitting in the kitchen and he goes, I had a dream last night I put gum behind my ear.. And THEN he touches behind his ear and lo and behold he has GUM stuck to his hair alllll over! I seriously thought only kids do this? Well, let me tell you i whipped out the peanut butter and we saved his cute little hair!! who DOES that?! I spy with my little eye... Cj's GUM!