Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Husband

This is my cute husband. Please note the phone in hand.

Let me tell you a story. We slept in till almost ELEVEN, only because it was Sunday. We then went to church where I constantly reminded him to put his phone away, and when i wasnt looking he would try and sneak it out. When he wasn't on his PHONE he was about to fall asleep. So after church we went to his Mothers house where we had the best meal EVER.. Dawn is an amazing cook. Ribs, twiced baked potatoes, salad, jello, rolls cheesecake.. Mmm im hungry just thinking about it. Then we went to my parents house and had brownies and ice cream. Basically what I am trying to say is we slept all day and ate all day (and sat at church) nothing too strenuous. So we get home from our parents house and he immediately pulls out his phone and jumps on the bed. Two minutes later THIS is what I see:

Do you think he's a LITTLE addicted to his phone? He is too cute!!