Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The month of November sure has been a busy one for us! We've been busy with school, work and family! On occasion, when i am on my best behavior, or CJ is in the dog house, my husband likes to take me to lunch.. because i tell him all the time i live to eat so he knows I will be in a good mood for at LEAST an hour afterwards. On this particular lunch outing we decided to go to Red Robin. I have loved that place since one of my best friends showed me the "Bottomless" fries in the 8th grade. Anyways we live out by San Tan mall and there is a Red Robin right there. So we ate and of course loved it, and as a side note we had the BEST waitress in the world.. non-stop fries, drinks, anything! We pulled our money together and gave her the best tip our poor newlywed lives could afford. So after lunch we are walking to the car and CJ opens the door for me and I get in, as CJ is walking around the car something starts hissing at him.. Well lo and behold an OWL was perched on the tree right in front of our car! It was crazy.. It would hiss every time we got close to it! I think its his house, because like i said i love food so we are out there a lot and every time we have been back the Owl has been there too! Crazy huh??

On a day that CJ and I both didnt have school the next day we decided we were going to go on a Jeep ride. CJ has been BEGGING me to go out in my Dad's jeep. Let me tell you that i HATE the thing. About a year ago CJ and I went on a jeep ride in Bull Dog Canyon with some of his friends and i truthfully didn't think we were going to make it out alive. It was so rocky and i just knew we were going to flip over!! I will reiterate to you that i am fun. I'm usually down for stuff like this, i love the outdoors and driving around with the windows down just chillin. Well after watching one of his friends truck almost flip over, teetering on TWO wheels and knowing that we had to pass over that SAME spot i no longer have a love for that stupid jeep anymore. I want to get rid of it. On this day in november, ike i said, CJ had been begging me to go on a ride, and he promised me that it wouldnt be bumpy, and it would only be a couple hours. He wanted to go around Four Peaks so we jump in the jeep and off we went. It wasn't too bad, although he did get some dirty looks from me when i bounced up and down a couple times. Well two hours passed, then three, then four, we made it to the top of Four Peaks and it was GORGEOUS. I couldnt get enough of it!! So forgetting that we had been driving FOREVER i started to love it, probably because we were out of the jeep at this point and i forgot we would have to get back in it and drive the same amount of time to get OUT of the mountains. Well after taking pictures, my fun ended and back to that wretched jeep we went. THIS time he wanted to go down the backside by Roosevelt Lake. We. Ended. Up. In. GLOBE. It was the longest night of my life! Haha i know i sound ticked, but it really was such a long bumpy drive.. Although i would do it again anytime. It was totally worth it to spend some time with my husband and just enjoy each others company.

The Hubo and myself! He's too cute!

Thanksgiving was also such a fun day! We started out at my parents house with my family, ate and ate and ate, went over to CJ's grandmas house to spend time with his Dad and then made our way to his mom's house and had dinner! It was so good to just hang out and spend time with family! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family and husband! Thanksgiving was quite the hit with Hailee down from school.. I forget how weird we are together!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Late Halloween Everyone!! So this last weekend Husband and I had so much fun!! I think growing up Halloween was always my favorite holiday.. all i had to do was knock on my neighbors front door and they would give me treats! And being the candy lover I am, nothing could beat this holiday! Well.. Since my Dad wouldnt let me trick or treat after eighth grade because i am "freakishly tall" as my family likes to call it, I've had to find other means to entertain myself over this fun holiday.. I think FRONT ROW SUNS TICKETS does the trick! Did you get that? FRONT ROW?!! Ok.. So it wasn't exactly on Halloween night, but this last Friday night we went to the Suns game with our good friends Ryan and Dallyn Willis. Dallyns family gets seasons tickets to these AMAZING seats, and let me just tell you, Corwin and I couldnt get over it! The game was SO much fun.. We got free food and were able to go to this "club" sort of thing where only certain seats were able to go and got drinks and popcorn and cookies and just everything.. FOR FREE!! And the best part about it, as we were waiting in line for the employees to check our tickets to make sure we were allowed into the club, i recognized the checker of tickets as my Nursing Teacher for block one! haha it was great.. I was all "Remember ME?!" like i was super important or something.. SO that was our amazing Friday night..

This is Me SO excited for the Suns game.. and trying to show the ticket even though i cut it off!

The Hub and Myself..

Ryan, Dallyn, Me, and CJ

Saturday with the help of my mother because as of right now our oven doesnt work, i decided i would whip up a little treat for CJ since we cant trick or treat.. Please note the little spiders crawling up the sides of the wrapping.. too cute huh?? Halloween night We carved pumpkins with Ryan and Dallyn.. and let me tell you a story.. I have learned a lot about my husband since getting married. Anyways, we buy our pumpkins and take them home and i walk into our room to set my purse down, and i walk out and i see Ryan and Dallyn washing their pumpkin in our sink. RIGHT away i knew CJ had washed our pumpkin first, while i was in the other room and that Ryan and Dallyn felt stupid NOT washing their pumpkin so being obligated to follow suit, they scrubbed their pumpkin! I was dying!! So i asked them if they had ever scrubbed their pumpkins before, and of course they say NO.. WHO scrubs their pumpkins after they buy it, before they are going to CARVE it anyways? Only my Husband. Sure love him though! After that we went to my parents house to see Karson and Jaden go trick or treating, secretly wishing I could join them.. Jaden was miss america and Karson was a pirate! They both looked darling.. Karson had a friend going trick or treating with them, i call him Colt dawg.. anyways, the Hidden Groves put on a little BBQ before everyone went off trick or treating and you could win Soda Pop. So im walking back to our house, with Colton, because my little brother took off with out him, only worried about getting as much candy as he can (sounds familiar) and Colton is having the hardest time keeping all his liters of pop in his hands, while holding his mask, his candy bag and a chair. So i go "Colt Dawg, do you want me to help you carry your pop?" He goes "NO. I got it.." So we keep walking and he's basically dropping his pop on the street. SO again i ask him, "Colt Dawg, Do you want me to help you carry your pop? I promise i wont take it, and ill give it right back to you once we get to our house.. and he goes "YES! As long as you'll give it back to me!" haha he thought i was going to steal his pop that he won!! i got a kick out of it! So anyways.. That was our weekend! It was way fun, even though we were lame and didnt dress up!

Ryan, Dallyn, and Corwin

My attempt at a cute treat haha.. LOOK at the spiders!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This last Saturday was such a fun day/night.. I guess it all started on Friday.. CJ and I went over to a friends house for a taste test, that was soo much fun! There were about 6 couples there and one had set up a taste test for us with different foods and we were supposed to figure out which brand was which to see if we could tell the generic brand from other brands.. Let me just tell you, my love of sugar must have paid off.. I got em right! Dont try and sneak wal mart brand peanut butter by me!! So after that CJ and I were debating on where we were going to go to dinner, and finally decided on his absolute favorite restaurant Oreganos. So i just started teasing him calling it "CJ night".. and saying how we were only doing what cj liked and just over and over "CJ night".. So the next morning we wake up and CJ goes, "Now its Savanna DAY!" It was so cute, so he starts making a list of what we can do, like extreme things.. "Do you want to go to Sedona and spend the night, or Flaggstaff, or we could go to the State Fair" he just started listing all of these different ideas. Well we both had homework to do, I had to go to the hospital to pick a patient for clinical on Monday, and he had to finish two midterms.. so by the time we had finished it was almost 2 and i didnt feel like it was worth it to drive all the way to Sedona or Flaggstaff.. We decided to drive up to Payson and spotlight and have a nice dinner (I know, where did we plan on eating right??) So off we went on a relaxing drive.. Its my favorite thing in the world just to spend time with my husband because i never get to see him with our schedules! So we get up there and buy lots of candy and our favorite color changing cheeto puffs that CHANGE color and off we went to the forest to start our spotlighting! We saw a ton of elk and deer, and we thought we saw a mountain lion, but since we saw the cat face right next to a huge herd of elk we used common sense and decided it PROBABLY wasnt a lion (I can still pretend.) We saw a group of raccoon that just turned around and watched us drive and CJ of course goes "Savanna! Grab my pistol!" Like i did.. So thats when we realizeddddd.. That we couldn't find CJ's phone ANYWHERE! We had been on this dirt road for the last two hours and didnt know where it could have been.. It was about 9:00 by this time and we ended up 50 miles PAST payson when we realized we had to turn around and drive back through the forest to look for his phone. We started retracing our steps, kinda thinking it was a lost cause, but about 20 minutes into the canyon we saw a black phone in the middle of the dirt road!! We felt so blessed to have found it, and not have to buy a brand new phone! It was in perfect condition minus a few scratches on the back! So overall it was a great night spent with the husband! I am so lucky to have CJ.. I know every girl thinks they have the best Husband in the world, but Cj is the perfect man for me! (haha he always reminds me that HE is the only one that could put up with me!) its true though, i dont know what i did to get this guy! He is the best and i love him more and more each day!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

So this last weekend CJ and I were able to have my little brother and Sister spend the night.. It was so much fun being able to spend time with the people i love the most.. My Family! Karson had been begging me forever to let him come spend the night so he could play with the chickens, so we decided this weekend was it! CJ was working Friday afternoon so i took Jaden and Karson to freestone park so we could teach Karson how to rollerblade. I mean SERIOUSLY who doesnt know how to rollerblade?! I think Kalli and I were rollerblading to Albertsons and McDonalds at the age of 7! After a ton of practicing and telling him over and over that you roll the blades and dont walk he started to get the hang of it! After rollerblading we went and picked out some pumpkins so the kids could draw on them.. They turned out so cute! and Karson and Jaden were so proud of them. Karson asks me, "Savanna do you know why my mustache turned out so good?" I go "No Bud, why does it look so good?" and he informs me its because "he took his time on it!" REALLY?? He comes up with the weirdest things! After coloring the pumpkins, CJ got home and it was time for dinner.. Me, thinking it would be more fun for the little kids to go to one of mine and CJ's favorite restaurants despite the 2o minute drive makes CJ drive to San Tan Flats.. Its the cutest little restaurant with fire pits all over, a live band (only country songs!) and a dance floor! I absolutely love the place.. Well Karson made sure to tell me after we finished roasting marshmallows that it was NOT worth the drive! haha.. After dinner we went home and watched the weirdest cartoon movie ever.. Jaden picked out the movie Coraline, and it was seriously the freakiest movie, just plain weird. We all fell asleep through it. The next morning we went out to play with the chickens, and when we were about to leave, Karson goes, "I hope the chickens dont miss me! I need to make sure someone takes care of them!" Like he owns them or something.. It was hilarious! So overall it was a super fun weekend for CJ and I.. We always get the best laughs out of Jaden and Karson!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Married Life

So.. Anyone that knows me KNOWS i am not good with technology. All my friends kept asking me when i was going to get a blog, like it was a RULE that you must get a blog once you're married. I got one. And then they told me it MUST be funny or else they wont read my blog. Like i would care that they wouldnt spend hours on my blog. So here it is. The CJ and Savanna Smith blog (though im still a Sherwood and asked CJ if he would consider changing his last name to Sherwood. He wont.) Cj and I have been married for about two months. Whenever someone asks how married life is and i say "its good" they say "you never see him do you?" WHY did no one tell me i would never see my husband once we were married? Yesterday i was driving to school listening to 104.7 the morning show with John Jay and Rich and they had people calling in who were upset about something they KNEW they had no reason to be upset about. If Thursday came before Wednesday I would have called in and said i HATE how my husband Works!! He gets called in at the WORST times. Like today. We were walking out the door to go run important errands, like to Bed Bath and Beyond, and to MAC.. And the nerve of his boss.. He calls him and says there is work. I was ticked. So very calmly i went into the closet, took off my braclet and necklace (there was no need to wear them now, obviously.) And yelled to cj "I HATE YOUR JOB." I am ridiculous. I know. My husband has a great job, he works SO hard, and I have the nerve to be upset because he HAS a job? Yet in the moment I was right, and i had a reason to be mad. Life is great. We are super busy with school and work. CJ is working for Quick Response, putting in 40+ hours a week, and taking 15 credits of school. He is the hardest worker i have ever seen, and secretly i always thought i was a hard worker. I do nothing compared to him! I am in Nursing School, staying busy with that, and working whenever i get the chance at Banner Baywood Hospital as a CNA. We're loving Married life, and super excited for our life to come! Here are some pictures of what we've been up too..

Up and Sherwood Camp With my brother Kody and Sister in Law Mary

All the my best friends from 7th grade on at our Wedding

Our Wedding