Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Cj and I celebrated our One year Anniversary last Friday.. I know, I know, many family members didn't think we would make it! :) We thought long and hard about where we wanted to celebrate it.. and after thinking for days we decided Vegas Babbby! And then 20 minutes after we got there we decided we hated everything about Las Vegas! It is seriously the dirtiest place ever.. I just felt gross the entire time! Oh well, you live and you learn.. and we still had fun! We got there Friday around 2 and checked into our hotel, which Cj hooked it up and we were right on the strip at the Marriott's Grand Chateau. It was so nice!! (Cj first told me we were staying at the Howard Johnson and I was still excited.. haha im easy to please! Those of you who know me, KNOW thats a joke!) Anyways i hadn't been to vegas since i was in 2nd grade and i didnt know i was going to be walking around miles after miles so i only brought heels. After walking 20 ft i was complaining of aching feet. So we kept walking and made our way to Urban Outfiters and met.. Carrott Top!! Cool huh? Yeah he's ugly. And i didnt get flats because they're all ugly. The strip is absolutely amazing. The attention to detail these hotels have. I was in awe.. still, i would have been fine sitting in my hotel looking at the strip. it was HOT. We went to the shark aquarium and it was SOOO cool. I think since i've been in 1st grade i've been obsessed with Sharks. Cj thinks im a Nut, but ask me a fact about them, and ill know it! We gambled, because we had too and Cj lost 15 bucks in about 2 minutes. He's really good! We watched 48 hours mystery shows all night and i was scared to be in my own hotel room. We rode New York New York and ate all kinds of food!! The best part was though... Na na na.. Cj takes me to this GHETTO mexican store like the Rancho Grande Market and i had to go to the bathroom, so i walk in there and it was taking forever. So i was tapping my foot waiting for someone to come out. And then all of a sudden this OLD lady walked out, WITH. HER. PANTS. DOWN. I was so shocked I had to look TWICE to make sure i was seeing correctly. I was REALLY seeing what i thought i was Seeing. Thats my life! Vegas was seriously so so much fun just to get away and be with my husband!! Babe i love you so much, and sorry im such a "pill" sometimes!! Thanks for everything you do for me!! P.S. PICTURE OVERLOAD BELOW!
Us and our FAVORITE treats!!

Marriott Grand Chateau

The Cutest Hub!!

He asked if he could do an annoyed picture haha..



The babe and a sting ray..

Vegas Babbaay!

Yes, He's really wearing that.

Hub & Wife

He lost the all 15 dollars he gambled

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  1. hey we are going there too for ours!!!! We go in two weeks! how funny! I hope we have as much fun as it looks like you guys had!