Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two Years..

Well.. CJ and I have officially been "dating" for TWO years as of yesterday!! (Yes for those of you who know us too well, we did take a 2-3 month vacation from one another during the two years.) It was much needed for ME to grown up. Nice that i take responsibility for getting dumped huh?! Oh those were the days.. CJ seriously tried to break up with me 15 times, and after I threw a couple fits, including biting him, we got right back together. Those three months were THE. WORST. Anyway, I hate those break up days. Funny how i wrote in my journal about the first day i met him.. I was obsessed like a little girl. Well i guess it worked, because he sure is my cutest husband now! I am such a lucky girl because i get TWO anniversarys all because i wrote in my journal. Haha we just went to dinner. Its funny how you feel like you are SO in love when you start dating and get married, and that it cant get any better than that, but it DOES!! Not that i know anything, we've only been married for about 6 months, but i love this boy more and more everyday. I am the luckiest girl in the world! Here are just a few of the reasons why i Love CJ: 1. I love waking up to his cute face every morning. 2. I love how on mornings he has to get up earlier than i do his alarm goes off 15 times before he actually gets up, and i am still trying to sleep! 3. I love how every morning when i am STILL trying to sleep he wants to cuddle me before he gets up. 4. I love how when he gets home from work he walks into our TINY living quarters and yells "ELF! Im home!! Come kiss me!" 5. I love how he tells me how "hot" I am when im sitting in my pajamas and i have my retainers on. yeahhh right. 6. I love how when i am so mad at him, and its totally my fault, he's still the one that says he's sorry and that he loves me. 7. I love and hate how hard he works for us. He is the hardest worker i know. And sometimes i throw fits because he's never home, but he's doing it for US he has to remind me. 8. I love all the stupid names he calls me, including elf, turtle, dobb, bambi.. oh they just get worse. 9. I love how no matter how much i let myself down, he's always there for me, telling me how amazing i am as a wife. (I suck at cooking!) 10. I love him for who he is, and what he makes me!! I feel so lucky to have him for ever!! Annnd the point of this post was to say that I am soo glad I decided to go camping two years ago!!
This is the first night CJ and I ever hung out with two of my best friends caaaammmping!
This is our first date.. To the Alan Jackson Concert in Prescott AZ!
Haha and this is one of the last pictures i've taken of us!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


After a VERY busy week for CJ, putting in 60-70 hours, Friday rolled around and we got the invite to go up to Payson and spend the long weekend at my sister-in-laws cabin. I should probably add that it wasnt a busy week for me, CJ thinks i just sleep my life away, so it makes him feel good when i tell him he's busy:).. He seriously is the hardest worker i know! But, we were both just as excited to leave Mesa and spend time up in the freezing cold. Friday night we left around 9:30 with Kody and Mary and seriously spent the next day sleeping and watching movies. Although we did manage to make it into the little town of Christopher Creek to load up on fun dips, snickers, laffy taffys, and circus peanuts! CJ was ticked at my candy spree but i didnt care. We were on VACATION! Saturday night my parents, Mallory, Jaden, Karson, and Karson's friend Colton came up and it made it so much fun! We spent the night playing cards, running into Payson for "Date Night at Taco Bell," and Telling the little boys "they better not look out the window because Bloody Mary watches through windows and will come and get them." My mom was so mad at us, and made sure they knew which rooms to run into if they got scared in the middle of the night. Karson just ended up on the couch with Mallory, and the next morning Colt-Dawg kept saying how tired he was because he had to stay awake and make sure "Bloody Mary" didnt come! It was so funny! It was such a fun trip, riding quads, playing Scum (which i always dominate at!), and hanging out with the family.. a perfect three day weekend!
Me and The Babe!
I think CJ is trying to show me that I am taking too much room on the bed. Saturday night i woke up at about three am from hearing him run his hands along the bedpost trying to count the posts to see if i was over the middle!!
My dad thought it was cold enough outside to need THIS!
The boys on the other hand, didn't need shoes or gloves to run around in the snow!!

Quading!! All the way to YOUNG!
All of us went on a quad ride except Mal one morning. Kody and Mary had slowed down waiting for the rest of us, and hear clicking.. Kody looked back to see the last lug nut fall off the back tire!! So scary!!
We left CJ with the Raptor, Kody drove one of the quads home to get tools, and the Mary and I took the little kids to see the snowman and play in the snow! We got bored after about 5 mins and ended up driving back to the broken quad... like this.

Monday, January 4, 2010

NeW yORk!

On Christmas Day we were able to go to New York with CJ's family. It was THE most fun vacation I have ever been on! New York is AMAZING!! Cj's sister Heather lives there, and as a christmas gift she flew the entire family to New York to see her new home. We were planning on staying in her apartment, which would have been just great with us, but she tells us that she booked a room at the Ritz Carlton for four of us!! Like really?! Cj kept warning me "Savanna, dont get used to this!" haha.. Anyways, along with that, we had a limo pick us up from the airport and with Dawn and Heather being as generous as they are, we didnt have to pay for a thing! Thats my kind of vacation! We saw all the sights and of course ate new york pizza for every meal! It was so much fun spending time with CJ's side of the family. We had a blast visiting New York and loved every minute of our vacation! Sorry I went a little crazy with the pictures!
Leaving AZ for NEW YORRRK!
Ground Zero..
Subway in Manhattan!

Duane Reade.. Dr. Pepper and Chips for Breakfast every morning!
Best Italian Restaurant EVER!! It was amazing!!
Rockerfeller Center.. you know like that huge Christmas Tree?? This is it!
The BEST Hot Dog EVER!! I guess New York just has great food! I sure loved everything!
Carnegie Delli.. CJ was SO excited for this! We waited in line for like two hours, and i guess its one of the 1000 to visit before you die? I could have died without visiting it, but i guess i dont like Pastrami.
.. They did have the best strawberry Cheesecake EVER though! Sorry ever picture is about food. We were in New York and its all we cared about!
Central Park.. Dawn is such a sport haha!
Stanten Island Ferry! It was SO pretty, but FREEZING and the Statue of Liberty was amazing!
M.A.C.Y.'s!! It was 9 stories high! And they had wooden escalators.
So CJ had been begging for someone to go to Wall Street with him the entire time we were there, so on the last day Hayden, Hunter, and I decided to be good sports and go with him. We walked two miles at about 8:00 am to hear the Wall street bell or whatever, and oh guess what? The public CANT EVEN GO IN THE BUILDING!! CJ was devastated! It was still cool to see everything though.
And the last night we went to the Empire State Building! It was so cool, I was kinda tripping out though.. It was making my knees weak being so high!!