Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We went up to my sister in laws cabin for conference weekend and had so much fun!! I was so excited to be twins with my dog!

Love him more than anything!!

The boys before priesthood!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Two Years

On August 13th Cj and I celebrated our two year anniversary.. I sure love that boy! I really can't believe that it's been two years already. We had thrown a bunch of different ideas around of what to do to celebrate this milestone in our lives (ha) from Santa Monica to San Francisco to Vegas and couldn't decide on anything! So seriously the night before we were supposed to leave we decided to just do a stay-cation. I had taken off like a month of work for this DAY so anything we did was going to be great! Cj loves to tease me about work. I firmly believe that you need a vacation from a vacation. Soo.. anytime we go out of town, know that most likely the day after we get back... I have off. Its great. Anyway back to my post.. We went to the JW Marriott in Phoenix, or maybe it's Desert Ridge, if that's a city. This is the same hotel that we stayed at on our wedding day. It was so fun remembering how it felt driving to the hotel in my wedding dress and having to unzip it because it was so dang tight. How if felt driving up to the hotel and asking the bellmen where our room was (no we didn't want to valet... we're POOR!) Walking to our room in our tux and dress... I think I was barefoot? Walking into our room and seeing rose petals on the ground and candles everywhere thanks to Brad, Joey, and Trent.. how cute are they?! Ordering room service because we had a 50 dollar credit and didn't get any food at our reception... I'll stop there haha... For this anniversary we drove out to the anthem outlets and took ourselves shopping, then checked in the the JW. We went and saw a movie and headed back to the hotel and ordered room service. We are such old people!! On our actual anniversary we hung out at the resort and just lounged around the pool, and floated the lazy river all afternoon. It was BLISS. After our day at the pool we got ready and drove out to carefree and looked at the amazing houses out there.. They were HUGE and built into mountain sides. It's weird out there though, i felt like i was in the 3:10 to yuma or True Grit days. I was getting heat exhaustion just driving in the car. For dinner we went to Modern Steak at Scottsdale mall. LOVE that place!! And then shopped some more and headed back to the hotel and ordered some more room service. We had 100 dollars to blow at the hotel, so I think we had two meals every time we ate. If you had been wondering how Cj and I both got a little chunkier, well... now you know! The next day we checked out and headed home. Cj and I both decided that we wont be doing another stay-cation. It didn't even feel like a vacation. I think half the vacation is the anticipation of getting there. And getting out of the August Arizona heat is always a plus. We had so much fun though, and can't wait for many more anniversaries to come.

Just thought I would throw this cute picture of my dog in haha!! He's so darling.

The beautiful JW Marriott

My cutest Husband!!

No big deal, We'd just woken up..

Cj thought this was so funny.. Little does he know, it's going to be me in a few years.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Is it horrible of me to say that I think Father's Day is overrated?! I think its because I know that Cj will try as hard as he can to make it all about him.. we don't even have a child. Unless you count our dog Scout, which he does think he's human. Don't get me wrong, weeks before Mother's Day arrived I was announcing to anyone that would listen how excited I was, and I had a list a mile long of gifts I needed. NEEDED not wanted. Cj did wake me up to breakfast in bed, so I was a happy little girl way back when! Back to Fathers Day.. This year we were in San Diego last week which happened to be the week before Fathers Day with my family. Once Cj and I got home I ran around town getting my Dad a gift and after it was purchased, and wrapped I put Father's Day out of my mind. Horrible I know. I woke up this morning to Cj making himself breakfast. I went out to the front room in hopes that he would offer to make me some eggs and toast too, he ALWAYS does.. today he didn't. How rude. It wasn't a terrible loss though because i had stocked up on Lucky Charms and Reese's Puffs. Lucky Charms won. As I was sitting on the couch thinking about how rude my husband was for not even offering to make me breakfast it dawned on me that today was FATHER'S DAY! ( My husband is sooo lucky to have me. Let me remind everyone, We do NOT have a child.) I did feel bad that I didn't even make him breakfast. Now all day he is reminding me that it is HIS day, and that I didn't even make him breakfast in bed, and now we have to do everything HE wants. He is currently yelling at me from the kitchen to come make him some pizza for lunch. He's a doll. In all seriousness, I am so lucky to have Cj. He is the best husband a girl could ask for. He is always making me breakfast in bed for no reason at all and usually I am ticked because he's woken me up! (again, he's LUCKY to have me, right?!) He's the hardest worker I know. He's gone from early in the morning to the evening, and usually receives a couple texts a day saying "Im sick of you working come home NOW!" He is always keeping me laughing and is so fun to be around. He thinks I'm annoying because I text him 24/7, but really i just want to be with him. He should be happy his wife wants him home. He really is the greatest and I really am the luckiest girl in the world!

It wouldn't feel right to not give my Dad a little shout out too.. even though i know he will never read it. My Dad is the most amazing Man i know. Growing up I always wanted to marry someone just like my Dad and I think I did pretty good. CJ reminds me so much of my Dad. My Dad is such a hard worker, and has always provided his family with everything we need. I always call him a tight wad because he's the hugest saver, but I really look up to him and how thrifty he is with everything. My Mom has always told me that I am most like my Dad out of all the kids in our family. I would be lucky if I turn out a fraction of how amazing I think he is. I have been so blessed with the Men in my life, and I would feel so ungrateful if I didn't let them know. Happy Father's Day everyone!!

The sweet Teddy Bear and myself

Don't mind the large bow in my hair.

Sure LOVE him!!

Sweetest husband everrr!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Yellow Submarine!

Well, I feel like we've established that i am a weird dog lover. We were over at Jamie and David's house this last friday and i said i had to go home because my dog was lonely (it was LATE people!) and Jamie told me to Shut Up because i was ridiculous about my dog. She's right. Whatever. This is my dog:

He's a YELLOW SUBMARINE haha! Yep. We dressed him up for Halloween.

Ok, In our defense, Kensley and Jim came over and surprised us with costumes for our dogs!! I was SO excited! I had asked Cj if we could buy Scout a costume and he said "NO!!!" but luckily enough, Kensley knew we needed costumes for our dogs. I couldn't get any pictures of them not attacking each other.

We've got Chief the bumble bee and Scout the submarine!

It was so funny because once we got the costumes on, Chief was going CRAZY. He was trying to kill scout. Like literally. He must have thought Scout was really a submarine or SOMETHING, because he would put his mouth around Scouts throat and try and shake him.. the moment we took the costumes off they were best friends again! Best night ever!! So that brings me to this last Sunday.. Cj's Moms friend Cherrie is getting rid of their family dog.. WELL this dog Rex, is the dog Cj and i fell in love with in July and we WANTED him. He's so so cute!! Cj said we should wait to get a dog because "Sullivans ALWAYS get rid of their dogs!!" well we didnt wait, and now they want us to take him!! I dont think i want another dog, (secretly its because im afraid i am going to favor Scout over Rex.) What if i give Scout more food than Rex because I raised Scout?! Or what if i only want to play with Scout because he's MY dog?! These questions are literally going through my head. And then the worst thought of all. What if this is how it is with my KIDS?! What if i I have favorite kids!! I feed a child more because i like them better?! Ugh. Luckily we're not having kids for a long time. And Im staying strong this round, we're not getting another dog. Somebody better tell Cj.

Monday, September 20, 2010

We ARe THosE PeOPle

About a month ago we were going to go camping with a couple of our married friends, but I decided to do my research and found out it was going to be raining up in Payson hardcore. I opted not to go. Cj wouldn't stop talking about camping though, so a couple of weeks ago we went camping with our good friends Jim and Kensley. It was so much fun! We decided to take our puppies and they seriously entertained the entire time. We got to Payson and had to stop at Wal Mart so the boys went inside and we went and took the dogs to this little grassy hill.. Well as we were playing with the dogs i had a flash back that THIS was NOT my life. I hate dogs. I've always hated dogs. Probably because growing up we had the WORST dogs!! Now i find myself frolicking in the fields WITH my dog? Weird. Anyways as Kensley and I were talking the grossest shaggin waggin rolled by and these freaks just stared at us. So Kensley yells " YES! We are those weird dog people! But YOU'RE weirder!!" It was by far the funniest thing i've ever heard. Anyways we get to our camp spot (Cj makes sure we wont see a single soul the entire time) and we wind up in a herd of cows.. The entire time Scout and Chief wouldnt stop eating the cow patties. It was gross. Scout wanted to keep chasing them, since i guess thats what he was supposed to be? A herding dog.. but we wouldnt let him. He's scared of his own shadow. It was seriously so fun to go up there and spend time with friends! The next morning we woke up super early and I was ready to go home because i had so much laundry to do and i wanted to take a nap in my BED.. Wellll Cj wanted to take a nap up there and i was not having it. So i told him I would let the air out of the air mattress. He told me he would punch me if i touched it. I let the air out and now i have three perfect knuckle mark bruises on my arm. He's so sweet. So scout and I decided to take a hike and we saw a HUGE herd of Elk like 30 feet in front of us.. it was crazy. I just stood there because believe me, I've seen episodes of deadly encounters and seen bull elk ram people. It was still cool to see!! We had so much fun up there and it was so great to get away from this HEAT and spend time with friends!!

Scout and Chief eating cow poop! Ew.
Our Cute friends Jim and Kensley
My Babe!

Is he not the cutest?! Usually he doesnt cuddle! I think he got all his bites out on chief!

.. So this is the best story ever. Saturday morning Cj wakes up and we're sitting in the kitchen and he goes, I had a dream last night I put gum behind my ear.. And THEN he touches behind his ear and lo and behold he has GUM stuck to his hair alllll over! I seriously thought only kids do this? Well, let me tell you i whipped out the peanut butter and we saved his cute little hair!! who DOES that?! I spy with my little eye... Cj's GUM!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Cj and I celebrated our One year Anniversary last Friday.. I know, I know, many family members didn't think we would make it! :) We thought long and hard about where we wanted to celebrate it.. and after thinking for days we decided Vegas Babbby! And then 20 minutes after we got there we decided we hated everything about Las Vegas! It is seriously the dirtiest place ever.. I just felt gross the entire time! Oh well, you live and you learn.. and we still had fun! We got there Friday around 2 and checked into our hotel, which Cj hooked it up and we were right on the strip at the Marriott's Grand Chateau. It was so nice!! (Cj first told me we were staying at the Howard Johnson and I was still excited.. haha im easy to please! Those of you who know me, KNOW thats a joke!) Anyways i hadn't been to vegas since i was in 2nd grade and i didnt know i was going to be walking around miles after miles so i only brought heels. After walking 20 ft i was complaining of aching feet. So we kept walking and made our way to Urban Outfiters and met.. Carrott Top!! Cool huh? Yeah he's ugly. And i didnt get flats because they're all ugly. The strip is absolutely amazing. The attention to detail these hotels have. I was in awe.. still, i would have been fine sitting in my hotel looking at the strip. it was HOT. We went to the shark aquarium and it was SOOO cool. I think since i've been in 1st grade i've been obsessed with Sharks. Cj thinks im a Nut, but ask me a fact about them, and ill know it! We gambled, because we had too and Cj lost 15 bucks in about 2 minutes. He's really good! We watched 48 hours mystery shows all night and i was scared to be in my own hotel room. We rode New York New York and ate all kinds of food!! The best part was though... Na na na.. Cj takes me to this GHETTO mexican store like the Rancho Grande Market and i had to go to the bathroom, so i walk in there and it was taking forever. So i was tapping my foot waiting for someone to come out. And then all of a sudden this OLD lady walked out, WITH. HER. PANTS. DOWN. I was so shocked I had to look TWICE to make sure i was seeing correctly. I was REALLY seeing what i thought i was Seeing. Thats my life! Vegas was seriously so so much fun just to get away and be with my husband!! Babe i love you so much, and sorry im such a "pill" sometimes!! Thanks for everything you do for me!! P.S. PICTURE OVERLOAD BELOW!
Us and our FAVORITE treats!!

Marriott Grand Chateau

The Cutest Hub!!

He asked if he could do an annoyed picture haha..



The babe and a sting ray..

Vegas Babbaay!

Yes, He's really wearing that.

Hub & Wife

He lost the all 15 dollars he gambled

Sunday, August 1, 2010


So.. Cj forced me to go to his office with him so he could finished his homework, me having nothing to do decided i could fill you all in on our new dog Scout! He is seriously the cutest dog in the world. And i usually HATE dogs. Like once i hit one on the freeway and just kept driving. ( but really what could i have done, i was going 70 mph and i couldn't just slam on my breaks!) I used to despise these animals, but ever since Cj made me come with him to look at the puppies i fell in love! Cj thinks he's a cowboy so he wanted an australian cattle dog or blue heeler, and since we knew exactly where to get them CHEAP he couldn't stop talking about them, and looking up facts about dogs until he got one. I am so happy about it! The first night we got him he was seriously depressed. Like i felt so bad taking him from his home and his parents and all his brothers and sisters, but he's ok now. We brought him home and all he likes to do is eat and sleep and bite my red toes! He is so playful and LOVEES to bite hair and rings. So anyway, i thought i would post a picture of me feeling like a mother, with the new dog! We seriously take him to our parents house if we are going to be gone at work or anything. RIDICULOUS.

Seriously all he does is SLEEP. He must take after me :)

Dont mind the purple carpet, remember we're at cj's office!